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You sat on your arse and went bobsledding


Iain and Mike talk to Callum from AFC Yorkies and celebrate the return of football

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He Didn't Put It In!


In this shirt-themed pod, the boys talk to Jayme and Tania from the Football Shirt FC charity organisation, Phil tests Iain and Mike's knowledge of football shirt trivia and everyone recounts their favourite football shirt stories

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There's a pentagram under the carpet


Iain, Phil and Mike celebrate the first anniversary of the pod and talk about the Football Kit World Cup on Twitter

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I'm not drinking Bisto


Phil, Iain and Mike talk to Gary Burr from the British Heart Foundation, there's another round of Iain vs Mike and Twitter tells us their memories of football in the snow

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The Round-Up of 2020


The boys look back on 2020, forward to 2021 and have some very special guests join them for a festive football quiz.

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It Is Quite Exciting To Be A Huddersfield Fan


Phil, Mike and Iain record a Christmas special and talk about footballers in Christmas songs, a Christmas XI team featuring Christmas players, a Christmas gift quiz and the CFWPod Fantasy Football league

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Once it's past the tonsils...


The boys remember the career of Maradona and talk about pre-match superstitions, shirt numbers and the CFW Pod Christmas party

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Ya fanny!


Phil, Mike and Iain talk Scottish football success, English football mediocrity and European Nations League pointlessness. Phil brings a quiz that all three can play as the world's most rubbish pub quiz team.

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Unplanned Part 1


Phil and Mike talk without a script, without (much) preparation and without (much) fear.

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Angry Birds


Phil, Iain and Mike discuss the things they hate in football, they introduce their Fantasy Football teams and Iain watches the Scotland match.

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