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Which Scotland strip had that shade of burgundy shoulder?


In this bumper episode, the boys talk about the first week of the Euros and look forward to the England-Scotland game. Plus madness. There's always madness. And Bono.

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Why Has Jordan Pickford Got Jack Grealish's Hair?


The boys welcome back Kathryn Batte to congratulate her on her Fantasy Football win (and to lend an air of respectability to the pod) and there is a new feature to check out - the 40 second match report.

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That Just Requires Stamina - Nothing Else


The boys invite guests on for a Euro 2021 special but things don't go according to plan

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Phil, Iain and Mike talk to Adam and Joe from Mush FC and give you a beer fact, a nice shirt, a rubbish sponsor and a hero of the week.

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In Scotland they are sponsored by Specsavers


Mike, Phil and Iain talk about beer, charity football, the European Super League, Grail Shirts and welcome in their very special guest Nathan from Lads FC.

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Phil, Mike and Iain talk about Panini sticker albums, update you on the world of charity football and the special guest on the pod this week is Matt Grist from the Battling Fat Lads.

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If I'm going large, I go Lidl


This week's special guest is Darren from Hospice of the Good Shepherd FC

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You're clean shaven


Phil and Mike talk about the internet's favourite goalkeeper shirts and our special guest this week is Paul from SportyBits who designed the CFWPod shirt for us

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You sat on your arse and went bobsledding


Iain and Mike talk to Callum from AFC Yorkies and celebrate the return of football

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He Didn't Put It In!


In this shirt-themed pod, the boys talk to Jayme and Tania from the Football Shirt FC charity organisation, Phil tests Iain and Mike's knowledge of football shirt trivia and everyone recounts their favourite football shirt stories

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