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There's Not Many 50 Year Olds


Mike and Phil revisit computer football games of old and talk to Championship Manager enthusiast David Black.

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Let's Get This Party Started


The Christmas special where the boys have a selection of returning guests who talk about their year in charity football

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Mike, Edit All This Out


Phil and Iain round up the charity football news for the week and look back on some of the previous episodes from this year

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Three in Three Minutes


Phil and Mike talk to Victoria Wood from #HerGameToo plus all the usual features

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I Confuse People


Iain, Phi and Mike open their Charity Football postbag to round up all of the news from the world of charity football and talk to Jayme and Tanya about Football Shirt Friday

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We need people to get more than 30% of the way through the pod


Phil and Mike talk to Callum Thompson of AFC Yorkies and Matt Grist of Battling Fat Lads ahead of their upcoming Remembrance Day clash known as the BATTLE OF YORKSHIRE

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LIVE! from Hallam FC (It's that German GCSE)


Phil, Iain and Mike visit the oldest football ground in the world and record live with some very special guests.

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Put penguins on when you want me


Iain, Phil and Mike return for a short (ahem!) introduction back into the new season of the CFW Pod!

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You Do BSL, I'll Do Makaton


The boys round up the aftermath of the Euros, talk about Hull Chip Spice, Marmite and marshmallows and welcome Kevin Bryers from Team Beatson

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Proper Scotland Fan


Phil and Mike talk about the England result, introduce some more forty second match reports and talk to Tim Clarke about the Liam Shepherd Foundation and their Sports Memorabilia Auction

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